This blog is not about being a expert. It’s about being a student.

A couple years ago, I took a long look at my life and wondered what it was all for, what it was leading to, if anything. Taking a step back from the daily grind, I started asking, “How do I want to live my life?”

If you keep doing the same thing, you’re going to keep getting the same thing. I want something different. I want better health, more skills, more enjoyment. This requires new activity.

While I’d like to think I am always open to learning all kinds of new things, this blog has three main areas of focus: karate, piano and communication/leadership. In the fall of 2013, I joined a local dojo to train in karate. About the same time, I started taking piano lessons. I’m also active in Toastmasters and serve in leadership roles in my church community.

No matter the field, people who have great skill in any area always 1) practice and 2) focus on the basics. The advance levels of skill are often wider varieties of combinations and applications of the basics.

This blog is the story of me, a woman in her late 40s, practicing the basics, on this journey of learning.


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