“Everyone is an expert” is a common mantra in the blogosphere these days. Yeah, right. Me, I’m just a regular person.

When I don’t pay attention, life slips by unnoticed. During the holidays, I looked back on 2014 and wondered what happened. What did I do? Anything? I know I did, yet nothing really stood out. Yes, I am getting older each year, but my lack of memories, I think, is due more to a lack of intentional attention. This year I will pay attention.

I believe everything in life is either educational or entertaining — hopefully both. If it is not one, it had better be the other. Though I am easily entertained, education and learning is the process that enables us to grow and expand our lives, our communities, and our contributions to this world.

I want to learn more, do more and be more. I want my life to be a Journey of Learning. Welcome to my blog.


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