Karate? Really? Why?

I am not athletic. Seriously. Because I am not an athlete, I am such a sports klutz that I would probably be a detriment to any team playing any type of game. And where’s the fun in that? Having other’s depend on my skill (or even practice schedule) for their success is simply unfair to them.

I am also simply not motivated to run in circles, pedal in place or lift something only to set it down again. Working up a sweat for the sake of sweating seems pointless to me, even though I know it is not. I can convince myself to start, but eventually the boredom sets in.

However, the highest purpose in many martial art traditions is to seek perfection of character. Now that is a pretty good reason to sweat! Martial arts also provide a workout for the body, the mind and the spirit.

The body aspect is pretty obvious; it is a physical workout, and you push yourselves to go beyond your previous skill level.

The mind must be engaged, too. The techniques are not moves just to move. Each position and exercise had a specific form, mechanical reason and practical purpose. Plus, karate is traditionally taught using Japanese vocabulary for the count, forms and formalities.

The spirit is exercised by the continuous requirement to practice control and refrain from violent behavior, to respect others, to endeavor, to be faithful, to seek perfection of character and to continue training with patience.

I am in karate because I really need the physical exercise, I do appreciate the mental challenge, and I truly value the spiritual practice.



“Everyone is an expert” is a common mantra in the blogosphere these days. Yeah, right. Me, I’m just a regular person.

When I don’t pay attention, life slips by unnoticed. During the holidays, I looked back on 2014 and wondered what happened. What did I do? Anything? I know I did, yet nothing really stood out. Yes, I am getting older each year, but my lack of memories, I think, is due more to a lack of intentional attention. This year I will pay attention.

I believe everything in life is either educational or entertaining — hopefully both. If it is not one, it had better be the other. Though I am easily entertained, education and learning is the process that enables us to grow and expand our lives, our communities, and our contributions to this world.

I want to learn more, do more and be more. I want my life to be a Journey of Learning. Welcome to my blog.